The picture of the helicopter has nothing to do with this post, but it’s the most exciting part about it.  It got you to read this far!

This is really more of a reminder to me than anything else, but here are a few of the options of what you can expect to see every Sunday(ish).

STORIES – I’ll share stories from my work, from my travels, and from my personal life.

TRAVELS – This will be more of a trip report about some of my favourite places.

THOUGHTS – Perhaps better titled Ramblings, I’ll share my opinion of this and that.

LESSONS – Medical Education topics such as approaches, how-to’s, and

FUCK-UPS – Sobering, confidence-shattering, humbling. My mistakes: don’t repeat them.

ART – Funky, creative, nonsense… poetry, jokes, songs… who knows.  I hope it’ll be cool.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my first piece, a story about a patient I recently met.  Every Sunday, I’ll endeavour to post new content in one of these categories.  But I’m not much for rules, so we’ll see what happens 🙂


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